What Do You Believe You Can Do?

October 24th, 2016 Posted by featured, Uncategorized, writings 0 comments on “What Do You Believe You Can Do?”

A TV show years ago literally changed my life.  The show was a wake up call. I had to face the fact I was in a job, which I didn’t much enjoy, and I had no particular vision of a different future.  The show, “MAUDE” made me aware that I had to change my life.  And I did, the very next morning.

PreOrderTexasTenacityBecause of how my parents raised me, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to change my life levitra prices.  I was raised in a family where hard work was accompanied by determination.  Those two things are a powerful ally for a life changing decision.

Over the years, I have faced obstacles in doing things.  Some of my goals were strictly my own, some guided by friends or external events, but in no case did I ever believe that because I was a woman, I wouldn’t be able to achieve them-one way or the other.

The words “one way or the other” are important.  Because you have to realize that sometimes a particular path toward your goal isn’t easy, but you can find another path just around the corner or over the hill, and it may be filled with rocks and boulders too, but at least you can see a way forward.  I wrote about this in the first chapter of my book ”Texas Tenacity.”

What is really wonderful is seeing women today in professions they might not have been in decades ago.  For example in the article below, the folks at LinkedIn have decided to work to get more women in tech careers, and two women leaders are spending about 20% of their time on it.  A phrase in the article struck me – “taking intelligent risks” is the advice the LinkedIn women leaders give to women.


So one way or another, women can enter tech, change careers or achieve their dreams through taking intelligent risks, and we women need to help each other.  Let’s all plan on paying things forward. It will empower future generations of women reach their goals.