We Direct Our Own Destiny

January 20th, 2017 Posted by featured, Uncategorized, writings 0 comments on “We Direct Our Own Destiny”

It can be both liberating and exciting to discover how much real strength each of us has. Too often we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, so of course we don’t.  I can’t do this new job, I can’t leave this terrible relationship, I can’t take the next step forward. We don’t understand how powerful our inner self can be. Yet we ultimately are the ones who direct our destiny, if we just will.  If we suffer adversity and then overcome it,  the realization that we triumphed makes us feel fantastic.  

After leaving my first marriage, with all of its fear, I realized that I had taken my future into my own hands.  No one else saved me.  I saved myself This Site.  That was a defining moment in my life.

My high school friend lived just a few blocks away and she welcomed me into her home when I literally ran from my marriage.  I also believe I could have gone to a church, or a police station, or somewhere else, and I would have found help.  But first, I had to make the decision to walk out the door and into a new life.

There was a seismic shift in my head when I realized I was too valuable to stay in an abusive relationship.  All of us are too valuable to live a bad life.  That new perspective made me leave my marriage, and run towards a new future.

This all sounds dramatic and I hope that you don’t have an abusive relationship in your life. But the essence of this experience taught me that I could and should firmly grasp my future and create one where I am valued and my worth as a person becomes real to me.

That realization has helped me over the years.   My hard earned sense of self worth helps me move forward to the next step from wherever I am, to take charge of my destiny.  When I realized I ultimately had to depend on myself for survival, I became my own best guardian.  This is true for each of us.

In a very real way, who cares more about you than you?  When we care for ourselves, and become fierce protectors of ourselves because we are worthy, then we are our own best champions.

Each and every day, remind yourself how valuable you are.  You deserve to be the best person you can be, and to pick the right path.  So let’s all start today charting our next destiny.