Take Notes from West Texas A&M

August 18th, 2016 Posted by writings 0 comments on “Take Notes from West Texas A&M”

After all the bad news about Texas campuses, specifically Baylor, showing a marked disrespect for women, kudos to the leaders at West Texas A&M. A recent story in the Amarillo Globe-News described the results from the efforts the campus has undertaken to protect young women.

Based on a compilation of statistics, this campus was ranked as the safest among 10 other Texas schools because of its work in educating not only college students but also high school students about a culture of rape and domestic violence.

Their efforts led to a markedly lower crime rate compared to Prairie View A&M University, and Abilene Christian among others. What the stats show is that proactive and focused efforts can change things and for the better.

The campus has a Family Support Services crisis unit. It not only provides information to prevent crimes of rape, but also what to do if one occurs. One significant legal difference between high school and college is that high school teachers are legally required to report criminal activity, because the students are minors, In college, that obligation changes – and there is no obligation to pursue prosecution. It seems as though many faculty on campuses are not actually aware of their obligations and West Texas A&M has done a lot to make that obligation clearer.

So let’s all applaud West Texas A&M for not only caring about young women, but taking serious, proactive steps to protect them. Let’s hope other campuses will follow their example.