Susan Bio Blurb 3

August 3rd, 2016 Posted by testimonial 0 comments on “Susan Bio Blurb 3”

As a speaker Susan Combs, talks about the challenges of being a woman in a leadership role, but that’s not her only specialty. For her work in helping combat childhood obesity, she was featured in the HBO multi-part series, The Weight of the Nation, as well as numerous newspapers and TV programs. Combs also talks on best practices and knows how to bring out peak performance in both business and government. After all, this is a person who issued over 50 policy reports on government efficiency, natural resources, state spending and debt, the effects of obesity costs for business, public and higher education, water and other pertinent topics. She also draws upon her experiences as a business owner, drawing parallels between her audiences’ challenges and those she’s faced as a Texas rancher.