Setting Goals for the New Year!

December 27th, 2016 Posted by featured, Uncategorized, writings 0 comments on “Setting Goals for the New Year!”

The next few days and weeks mark the end of the old year, and the coming of the new.  How we view it depends on what we have done,  and how much or little we have left undone.  I’ve always liked even numbers, so leaving an even numbered year takes a bit of a push for me.  I tell myself, 2017 is going to be great!  Getting myself pumped up for the twelve months to come.  Woohoo! But aside from this transition period, I suspect most of us will take stock of the last 12 months and take a look ahead to the future.

This is the time when I take stock of what my goals were just a year ago.  Do they match where I feel I am today?  Do they need fine tuning?  Am I feeling emboldened to actually reach out for the next goal?  Am I prepared to stretch a bit?

For example, in my first job, rather than ask for a raise, I devised a very circuitous strategy.  It didn’t work hop over to this website.  It was fun, and even funny, but not successful.  Lesson learned.  Just ask for the raise.  This object lesson is true in many areas.  Just advocate for yourself.  And for me, in 2017, one of my goals is to devise the best strategies I can to advocate for myself while learning how to better advocate for others.

My goal for myself in 2017 is to work hard at engaging with women, listen to what they are saying, and see if I can help them achieve their dreams.  Let me emphasize again the word ‘their’.  It is all too easy for us to say, well, gee, I think I would do X.    Maybe the person you are with wouldn’t do that.  Your style, vision, and dreams aren’t going to be that of somebody else, or at least not very often.  Just as another person’s goals aren’t yours.  But one thing we can all pledge to do in 2017 is to help each other achieve our goals. This will be a very good thing!