Now Women Can Have A Sporting Chance At The NFL

September 13th, 2016 Posted by featured, writings 0 comments on “Now Women Can Have A Sporting Chance At The NFL”

It was a nice surprise to see that the NFL has decided to be very proactive about getting women into the sports pipeline of the giant football industry. They picked pro tackle player Samantha “Sam” Rapoport to be the director of football development.

Why this makes sense is pretty easy-women like to watch football.  In fact a whopping 52.6 million of us turned our gaze to the tube to watch the most recent Super Bowl.  So it clearly makes dollars and cents to be sure for this giant sport to be more open and inclusive about film Me Before You 2016 now

On the employment side, there has been a marked difference between front office opportunities and those jobs directly involved in the sport itself. According to a story I read, about 30% of those employed in the front office are women, but not in the actual operations side of the sport. That is hopefully about to change.  Sam Rapoport has a great history of being plugged into various women’s groups who have played in professional women’s football.  This automatically gives her a system she can tap into as she fulfills her development task.

She pointed out that basically a general knowledge of the sport with the ability to communicate in a very accessible way is equally applicable to men or women.  When I ran for office to be the first woman Agriculture commissioner in Texas, I would say that was exactly the same standard.  You have to know your subject area, be able to articulate your vision and knowledge effectively, and then being male or female is irrelevant.  It’s the experience that matters.  Not the gender.

With her background and personal football experience, she is going to do a great job of finding great applicants for coaching and scouting. Let’s give a big hand to NFL and Sam Rapoport and wish them well in their search.