Direct Your Destiny, Retirement Secrets and Money of Love

On the next Experience Pros Radio Show, Angel and Eric speak with Susan Combs, author of Texas Tenacity. Susan will helps us all direct our destiny! Sam McElroy joins us to give away retirement’s dirty little secrets. And we’ll dig deep into the economics of Valentine’s Day.

Texas Tenacity: Former Comptroller Susan Combs on Empowering Women

In her new book, Texas Tenacity: A Call for Women to Direct Their Destiny, she aims to encourage women to create their own goals and reality in Texas. Think of it as the Lone Star State version of leaning forward. She’s created a new nonprofit aimed at empowering women called HERdacity.

January 10, 2017- Texas Tenacity Susan Combs

Susan Combs has spent her adult life blazing trails previously little traveled by women. With a matter-of-fact nature shaped by time on her family’s Texas ranch, Susan tackled her years at the all-female Vassar College in a decidedly straightforward fashion.

Interview: 'Women and Leadership'

Kathryn interviews former Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs, author of “Texas Tenacity: A Call for Women to Direct Their Destiny”. Part memoir, part manifesto for inspiring others, Susan Combs shares the details of her life – the good, the bad, and the ugly – from family history, her escape from an abusive marriage, and her first jobs to political powerhouse. Combs has also served as Texas Agriculture Commissioner and in the Texas State Legislature.

Susan Combs talks 'Texas Tenacity'

Former Texas Comptroller Susan Combs talks about her new book which is a message for every woman.

Susan Combs is on a Definite and Deliberate Mission to Help Women

“If they come to a closed door, they have to learn how to unlock it, or they have to find a new door, or they have to work around that door. Or they just have to plain kick it down.”

Capital Tonight Nov. 30: Susan Combs discusses Texas Tenacity and Herdacity

We were joined by former state comptroller Susan Combs. She discussed her new chapter, including a new book and launching a nonprofit for Texas women.

Susan Combs' next act? Empowering Texas women.

In 2015, the Austin city manager’s office prepared to welcome its first female-majority council by training its staff on how to work well with women. But an invited facilitator drew citywide outrage by suggesting women asked a lot of questions and didn’t like to deal with numbers.

Among those picking their jaws up off the floor was Susan Combs, the former Texas comptroller who previously served as the state’s first female agriculture commissioner.

Our View: Combs is looking to use leftover campaign funds in worthy ways

Susan Combs served the people of Texas well in two terms as agriculture commissioner and two terms as comptroller of public accounts. And now that she has retired from public office, it appears she is going to use the leftover funds in her campaign account to also serve Texas.

Web tool to compare Texas public schools’ academics with spending is Combs’ new cause

AUSTIN — Former Comptroller Susan Combs, who on Twitter styles herself as a “government accountability advocate,” is using leftover campaign cash to upgrade a web tool for comparing how well Texas public and charter schools perform.

The tool tries to highlight which districts and school campuses do the best job of educating students for the least cost.

Combs said she hopes to inspire more activism by people with a stake in the state’s public schools.

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