I Thought I Wasn’t Ready, But I Was

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When our local electric coop at the ranch approached me some years ago asking for a huge new easement for a much bigger power line, I didn’t even know what questions to task. Why was it needed, how did the pricing work, and why even build it? I discovered that the state Public Utility Commission was the place to go for answers. Ultimately, it looked as though it was going to be a super expensive and probably unnecessary project. Ultimately because of finding allies, and learning this entirely new subject area of electricity transmission, we were able to show that this new power line wasn’t needed, saving millions of dollars. This problem became an unanticipated opportunity for me to broaden my horizons. PreOrderTexasTenacity

Here are the five things I learned from this.

First, any new ‘thing’ has to be studied carefully, information has to be gathered and you have to decide if you can become well versed enough to move ahead. Can you find a person or a place where you can learn enough? Today the internet would be my new best friend.

Second, what do you need to do to assess the level of risk in taking on this new project? Jumping into something can be fun but you might prefer a more studied approach to the next leap – don’t be afraid, just be smart. What cost benefit analysis are you able to do? What is the down side but also how high is the upside?

Third, once you have taken a comprehensive look at this new project area, do you know what steps you have to take? With the power line, there was a very straightforward answer – I had to be ready to go through an administrative hearing to contest the new power line. And you have to find allies, which were found by seeing who else would be impacted by the project.

Fourth, suppose you try and you don’t quite grasp ‘it’. You somehow fall short. My advice is to dust yourself off, sit down with a pad of paper or an electronic notebook and reverse engineer everything you did. What would you do now that you think would be better?

Fifth. Nothing is over if you don’t let it be over. So figure out what to do differently and go do it. In my own life, I resolved some time ago not to let someone else stop me. I might stop myself, but no one else was going to cheap levitra. I could always find a different way to attack or approach the project.