Get Ready to Advocate for Yourself—YES YOU CAN DO IT!

January 4th, 2017 Posted by featured, Uncategorized, writings 0 comments on “Get Ready to Advocate for Yourself—YES YOU CAN DO IT!”

It is very common for us to pause and reflect at the start of a new year…where are we…are we where we want to be…and what do we need to do?   Just this morning I was asked by a woman radio host how I managed to propel myself forward from the start.  Was there one key lesson?

I basically answered her that it was one baby step at a time.  I didn’t leap from one mountain peak to another.  I just made it slowly, building confidence with each small achievement.

In my own life, the first time I tried to ask for a raise, I got way too ‘cute’…meaning I chickened out from just asking directly. Instead I dreamed up this very backward way of trying to get a pay raise.  Looking back, I should’ve just asked for the raise.  I needed to advocate for myself.  It isn’t all that common to have someone else willing to pick up our banner and march ahead for us, so we have to learn to do that for ourselves.

A friend of mine had an issue at work and she was very apprehensive about how to approach her boss.  After talking it out, it seemed that the boss wasn’t aware of the problem she was having.  So she had a great meeting a day or so later with the boss, and to her delighted surprise, it all worked out!  She made her case and was successful.

I have a tendency to over analyze some things…chew it to bits…and probably drive up my anxiety.  My goal for 2017 is to be sure that I am ready to recommit to reaching my goals for the next year.  It always takes some courage if the task seems big, but we should tell ourselves, that we are worth it, and that we can do it.

The idea that we are ‘worth’ something is a concept that we women don’t always focus on enough.  We are worth it – and our worth needs to be defined by us.  We have goals, aspirations, dreams, and we are worth achieving those.  So planning ahead to advocate is a smart strategy.  We need to look ahead, and commit to the path.

Every day I am going to get up and say to myself:  Go advocate for yourself try here.  You can do it! What plans do you have for 2017 to help you achieve your dreams?