Congratulations Prime Minister Theresa May

July 27th, 2016 Posted by writings 0 comments on “Congratulations Prime Minister Theresa May”

After the British voters decided to leave the European Union, pundits figured that Boris Johnson,  the former mayor of London and lead advocate for the exit, would be the new prime minister, and head of the Conservative Party.  That looked solid until his allies deserted him.

Suddenly, Theresa May, the widely respected Home Secretary, became the lead candidate.  There was a brief skirmish with Andrea Leadsome but that vanished when Ms. Leadsome intimated that Ms. May wasn’t qualified because she hadn’t had children.  The negative reaction to those comments prompted her withdrawal from the race leaving Ms. May in undisputed first place.

She will be only the second female prime minister and comparisons to Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel are being made.  How did she get there?  She came from a conservative background, with her father a Church of England vicar.  Her mother was a traditional homemaker.  But as with so many leading women, she distinguished herself by hard work, focus on details, and keeping her head down.  In the difficult and challenging position of Home Secretary, she faced down the police union and achieved other results that would not have been expected.  I read somewhere that Mr. Cameron feared her ascendancy and didn’t assist her rise.

I am personally  thrilled to see her get the job, not because she is a woman, but because she is the right person for the job. She is not only  ready for it, but she has the temperament, and is respected buy levitra vardenafil.  She has earned the trust and respect of the public as well as her colleagues.  One even called her a ‘damned difficult woman’, which in my book is a high accolade.

Given the Brexit vote, she will need to forge a path through the very thorny thickets that lie ahead by giving the citizens a sense of a new vision, while  showing the public that a steady hand is on the tiller.

Congratulations to Theresa May.  My fingers are crossed that she and our friends across the Pond are going to have a successful new era.