Being Pissed Off Equals Rocket Fuel

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As a kid, I never used bad language.  In fact, when I was about seven my mother washed my mouth out with a bar of Ivory soap for saying “shut up’ to my brother. He had also said it so he got the same treatment. PreOrderTexasTenacity

But of course on the ranch I heard lots of colorful language. I won’t repeat them but many related to bodily functions in either man or beast.

We use words to express emotions, power us up or down, and sometimes keep us on a path. The nicer phrasing for describing being ‘pissed off’ is ‘righteous indignation’ or some such, but the power is in the stronger language.

Over the years I have found out that when I am fired up about a project, it really helps to have some rocket fuel.  When any one of us feels angry about an injustice or a wrong being done to someone, we do get ‘pissed off’ even if those may not be the words we use to describe how we feel.

As a Dallas County prosecutor handling child abuse cases, I was focused on winning for the child. I was so pissed off, that I focused on justice for the victims. I was about the child abuse. I was pissed off at he perpetrator. And this motivated me to focus on the path toward justice for the victim.

Through these experiences,  I have learned to harness the energy from being pissed off into pushing forward.  In fact, I advise people to find something about their particular life circumstances that they want to change, and ask them why?  When they look wistful or shrug, I figure they’re not ready for any fight. However, when they sit upright, and their eyes take on a powerful gleam, I know they’re in the game and they are definitely going to take new steps.  They’re motivated to redirect their future.

I have used that energy numerous times. In <a href=" generic levitra″>Texas Tenacity I give full credit to its power, and its ability to keep up my energy even when times are tough and when doors are slamming shut.  What about you?  Ever gotten really fired up?  Pissed off?  I do embrace it.