A Rancher’s Guide to Reaching Your Goals

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At some point in our lives, a goal we want to achieve or a direction we want to take hits a wall or a roadblock. We either stay stuck, give up or find a way to move past it. Here are five ideas for the determination it takes to get past any obstacles, and these apply pretty much everywhere.  Even on a dry west Texas ranch. PreOrderTexasTenacity

First – Try knocking with ever increasing force….politely…at first!

Second- Go around to the back of the mythical wall and look for a door – meaning, find another way through the wall.

Third – Find a whole new path that will get you where you want to go. That may mean you invent the new way of reaching your goal.

Fourth- kick it down.  Just blow past it.  People put walls and doors up to stop other people from going ahead.  If you really want to get there, you can’t let them stop you.

Fifth- step back and ask yourself whether you need some help to reach your goal. With some help, maybe you can take a leap over all the obstacles.

Here how it works in the ranchers world.  My father made it clear that he was in the ranching industry for good, so when obstacles popped up, he had to get past or around or through them.  His path was to always go forward for the long haul. Let’s say you were in year five of a drought. For a rancher, a drought means bad times, and bad market prices.

First rule meant that you had to figure out what you could do right then with your current situation. Could you move your cattle around your own ranch and reduce costs.  The second rule meant that you had to find a new place – new land – something to radically change your environment.   The third rule meant that you might have to look at your cattle breed- were they going to be successful in your current circumstances?  Did you need to add a new kind of bull, or cow?

The fifth rule is you learned to ‘weather’ bad weather.  Sometimes it might mean that you sold off basically all your cattle, hunkered down, and got ready for the next year. You just leaped past today into tomorrow.

I have applied all five rules in various circumstances.  You need to consider all your options when you are determined to reach your goal. That’s tenacity!